Pallagi Anikó – Irk Ferenc: A társadalomra veszélyesség és az ultima ratio elvének viszonyáról. Jogtudományi Közlöny LXXI. évf. 11. szám 548-553.

Anikó Pallagi – Ferenc Irk: On the Relationship Between Social Dangerousness and the Principle of Ultima Ratio. Jogtudományi Közlöny LXXI. / 11. 548-553.


The social dangerousness, the social protection and the principle of ultima ratio schuld be balanced in legal systems which is based on results in criminal sciences. Its realization is hindered partly by law-dogmatic disputes since several years, partly by the political efforts, determining the criminal role ignoring the ultima ratio nature of this branch of law. The development of content elements of definition of social dangerousness in aspects of criminal law and criminology can establish a system of crime-prevention policy which will be able to give adequate answers on the new challenges of the twenty-first century.


Anikó Pallagi – Ferenc Irk: Über die Beziehung der Gesellschaftsgefährlichkeit zum Ultima-Ratio-Prinzip. Jogtudományi Közlöny LXXI. / 11. 548-553.



In den, auf die Ergebnisse der Strafrechtswissenschaften setzenden Rechtssystemen müssen Gesellschaftsgefährlichkeit, Gesellschaftsschutz und das Ultima-Ratio-Prinzip ausgeglichen sein. Das wird aber einerseits durch rechtsdogmatische Debatten und anderseits durch Erfordernisse der Politik behindert, die den Ultima-Ratio-Charakter des Strafrechts ignorieren. Das Ausarbeitung der inhaltlichen Elemente der Gesellschaftsgefährlichkeit als strafrechtlicher und der gesellschaflichen Gefährlichkeit als kriminologischer Begriff könnte zur Schaffung einer kriminal-präventiven Politik beitragen, die adäquate Antworte auf die Herausforderungen des 21. Jahrhunderts geben kann.


Irk Ferenc: Az ökológiai kockázatok megjelenése a rendészettudományban. In Gaál Gyula – Hautzinger Zoltán (szerk.): A határrendészettől a rendészettudományig. Pécsi Határőr Tudományos Füzetek XVII. 71-89.

Ferenc Irk: The appearance of ecological risks in Police Science. (Example: Trash as safety factor.) In Gaál Gyula – Hautzinger Zoltán (Ed by.): A határrendészettől a rendészettudományig. Pécsi Határőr Tudományos Füzetek XVII. 71-89.



The analysis of the ecological risks is the subject of the new school of criminology: the green criminology. The eco criminality justifies paradigm-change in criminal sciences. Trash and crime, trash and crime prevention are parts of today’s challenges among which the Police Science need to find exact answers.

Irk Ferenc: Zöldkriminológia: szemlélet, súlypontok, irányzatok. In Vókó György (szerk.): Kriminológiai Tanulmányok 53. (2016) 9-24.

Ferenc Irk: Green Criminology: attitude, hot spots and trends. In Vókó György (Eds.): Kriminológiai Tanulmányok 53. (2016) 9-24. 


Representatives of the increasingly symbiotic political and economic interests seek to benefit in the short term is available. Therefore it is often overlooked in the medium to long term damage occurring. Their approach is usually characterized by the earlier reflexes and decisions have been based on outdated knowledge. In many places - including Hungary - this attitude is helped by indifference of the public interest and the weak protection against environmental damage. Foreign researchers have been dealing with for decades to tort affecting the natural environment.


The scientists of environmental criminology mainly developed essence of green, environmental and ökoglobál approach. The study presents the main guidelines of the essence. It compares environmental crimes with two different type of offenses (street crimes and traffic offenses), and it presents a few of their same, similar or different characteristics. Finally, the author proposes a definition of green criminology, which considered as synonymous of environmental or ecoglobal criminology.


Irk Ferenc: Zöldkriminológiától a környezeti viktimizációig. Rövid fogalomtár és rendszertani összefoglalás. In Finszter Géza – Kőhalmi László – Végh Zsuzsanna (szerk.): Egy jobb világot hátrahagyni… Tanulmányok Korinek László tiszteletére. Pécsi Tudományegyetem Állam- és Jogtudományi Kar 2016. 337-352.

Ferenc Irk: From Green Criminology till Environmental Victimisation. A Short Glossary and Taxonomic Summary. In: Géza Finszter - László Kőhalmi - Zsuzsanna Végh (Ed by): To Leave Beehind a Better World... Studies in Honor of László Korinek.  Pécsi Tudományegyetem Állam- és Jogtudományi Kar 2016. 337-352.


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