Irk Ferenc: Globalizáció – kockázatkezelés – bűnözéskontroll. (A büntetőjog határain innen és túl). 

Irk, Ferenc: Globalization - Risk Management - Crime Control. (From the Boundaries of Criminal Law from Here and Beyond)

Jogtudományi Közlöny LXXIII. évf. (2018 június) 266-275.



Socio-economic changes make it necessary to reconsider the relationships of risk and culture, as well as risk and security. The assessment of moral and legal responsibility has an impact on risk management. The relationship between risk and culture has an impact on the cases of criminal law that involve risks or in more severe cases dangers or damages to society. Globalization and technical development have created relationships that cause new kinds of perpetrators and victims of unprecedented crimes to take action. At present, the institutions of the state apparatus can not give new answers to new crimes and, if they do, legal solutions often conflict with the principles of the rule of law.



Irk, Ferenc: Globalisierung - Risikomanagement - Kriminnalitätskontrolle. (Innerhalb und ausserhalb der Grenzendes Strafrechts)

Jogtudományi Közlöny LXXIII. évf. (2018 június) 266-275.


Irk Ferenc: Értékvédelemtől ex ante prevencióig.

Irk, Ferenc: From value protection to ex ante prevention

In:  Homoki-Nagy Mária, Karsai Krisztina, Fantoly Zsanett, Juhász Zsuzsanna, Szomora Zsolt, Gál Andor (szerk.): Ünnepi kötet Dr. Nagy Ferenc egyetemi tanár 70. születésnapjára.. ACTA JURIDICA ET POLITICA Tomus LXXXI. Szeged, 2018. 455-468.



The author seeks to find out whether or not there is a possibility in our globalized world, and if so, is there any attempt to do so, and if so, can the ambition that leads to the pursuit of democratic fundamental values in parallel with the traditional conceptualization of criminal institutions to try to prevent the new risks and dangers of the 21st century. Can the fundamental principles of European societies be deeply rooted in the new rationality: to act on the short-term interests, beyond the value principles of the power factors that coexist? What is the system of (non) values built on new interests that seem to unfold and what conclusions can be drawn from it? What are the morally acceptable and inexcusable tools of crime prevention?


Irk Ferenc: Kockázatkultúra - kockázatmenedzselés. (Makrokriminológiai megközelítés).

Irk, Ferenc: Risk Culture - Risk Management. (Macrocriminological approach)

In: Finszter Géza - Korinek László - Végh Zsuzsanna (szerk.): Ünnepi kötet a 70 éves Dános Valér tiszteletére. Belügyminisztérium Budapest 2018. 49-54.



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