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Irk Ferenc (2020): Az elfogadhatatlan termelési kockázatokról és következményeiről. In: Vókó György (szerk.): Kriminológiai Tanulmányok 57. OKRI, Budapest, 2020, 246-264.

(On unaceptable production risks and their consequences)  

In the economy of the globalised world, there is a correlation between risky jobs that accompany exploitation in the production of goods and health impairment affecting masses of people on the one hand, and on the other hand, the increasingly accelerated consumption of products and the increasing amount of waste and global environmental damage resulting from that. We have economic, social, moral and legal information, whose analysis can help us to understand these phenomena and processes and to describe the metamorphosis of causes and consequences. It depends on the cooperation between science, politics, economy and civil society whether a more optimistic or pessimistic vision will materialise.

Irk Ferenc (2020): A munkavégzők kizsákmányolása és az európai értékek védelme.

(Exploitation of workers and protection of European values) 

In: Madai Sándor - Pallagi Anikó - Polt Péter (szerk.): Sic itur ad astra. Ünnepi kötet a 70 éves Blaskó Béla tiszteletére. Ludovika Egyetemi Kiadó Budapest. 241-249.


In this publication, the reader will get a brief overview of how slavery in the modern sense, which can be traced back to the beginning of the modern age, and in the period between the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century as industrialization progressed. Widespread exploitation, which continues to this day, and its work-related form: modern-day slavery and forced labor. I define the common and distinctive features of these concepts, as well as the efforts made by organizations to protect people on the international stage and the results they achieve in reducing these phenomena.


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